What a Little Paint Can Do!

Follow the changes in this little country home that was in need of too many repairs for the homeowners. The house was filthy, dark and badly damaged.  See how we brought it back to a charming country home.  The first thing we did was remove layers and layers of trash (entire dumpster full) and then mowed tall grass.  Then came lots of cleaning, painting and new white woodwork, new flooring and even a new window in a room that had no window!   Just a bit of decor and some more cleaning and ready to sell.  Now understand that lots of electrical, plumbing and behind the scenes work was done but the photos don’t show that – just the results!  If you have a home you’d like to sell, give us a call and let us turn your ugly house back into a beautiful home once again.


This house had been neglected for years and was full of trash, overgrown weeds, and little critters.  The dumpster was filled to overflowing before we finished cleanup.  It took a full week just to get everything out of the house before we could even begin the rehab.  We haven’t painted the outside yet nor put in the new vinyl but you can see what a difference it made to just clean it up!



Before: This room was missing pieces of the woodwork everywhere, only half the walls painted, damaged paneling, no door on the closet, rusted front door and more.
After: See how a little paint, cleanup, and new woodwork made such a difference!














Before: This room was covered in layers of old wallpaper, had moldy green cabinets, mice droppings, dirt and grime everywhere and of course missing woodwork.  See the dangerous light hanging down into the sink!
After: A drawer was missing that we had remade. Cabinets were scrubbed and polished, and a new fresh coat of paint made this kitchen shine like new!















Before: The tub surrounds were dirty and moldy and needed replaced for sure! And just re-painting with a lighter paint color brightened everything right up!
After: Look at the changes with just a little paint, woodwork,a new medicine cabinet and tub surround!















Before: It was dirty, dark, and needed a good cleaning and paint job.
After: All it took was a little cleanup, paint, removal of the odds and ends nailed to the wall, a fresh valance!













Before: This room had pipes sticking up in the middle of the floor plus window, door and ceiling fan that had never ever been cleaned.  Walls that were missing woodwork and lots of holes in the side walls.
After: New paint, cleaning and new woodwork were added, pipes cut off and more.  Now it is ready to become someone’s great room or even perhaps divided up into several rooms since it is so large.















Before: It was so dark because it had no window! This photos is after the window was added, but before any other work was done.
After: This room needed lots of work! Holes repaired, painting, and new flooring.  We added the new window and what a difference!














Before: This area was a fright, filled with trash and dirty smelly carpet.  There were holes in the walls, missing woodwork, no window trim, closet door falling off the closet, no railing on a stairwell and horrid bright yellow paint everywhere.
After: We fixed all the holes, added new woodwork, hinges and magnetic closets to the closet doors, created a little desk area in the alcove, added a stair railing and carpet and painted the ceilings white and the walls the charming country green.  Now both are bright, cheery and very inviting.
















So you see that with a lot of cleaning, imagination, and loads of determination – you can turn a sad little house into a charming inviting home!  Of course, we still have the outside to paint and a few odds and ends to finish but what a difference a little paint can make!  CALL us if you want to SELL your HOUSE for QUICK CASH.


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Curb Appeal!

When putting your house up for sale, first impressions are a big deal!  When people drive by, they see the “For Sale” sign and then look up at your house, what they see will determine whether they want to see more!

So let’s talk about curb appeal and what that means!

Today most homes are viewed on line so that first impression if usually based on photos.  The first photo they see will often determine whether or not they want to see the rest.  Houses are often overlooked because of distasteful photos.  People will ignore a house without even reading about all the things it might offer solely based on the photos and a houses curb appeal!  So what is curb appeal and what can you do?

Curb Appeal is the things that draw people into your house, it’s what grabs their attention! It’s the things that make your house look clean, up to date, attractive, and inviting.  It can be design, color, style, but most importantly keeping things uncluttered and clean! Curb appeal is what can take your house from sitting for weeks on the market to being sold in just a few days!

Start with the big picture:

Yard: Mow the grass and keep it weed wacked and looking fresh.  Spray for weeds.  Fertilizer can go a long way in making your yard look green and lush as well!  Keep the edges trimmed along the sidewalks and drive way.  No yard ornaments or anything that creates a cluttered look.

Flower Beds:  You would be amazed at what weeding and fresh mulch can do for flowerbeds.  You can plant some inexpensive annuals like petunias to add a bit of color, or for a classic look add in some hardy perennials like box woods or similar green shrubs.  When mulching stick to a dark mulch, nothing too red or it can be distracting.  No decorations!  Just let the plants and mulch do their thing!

Paths and Walkways:  Get rid of weeds and edge grass along sides.  You might want to consider power washing concrete to get it looking new again.

Hardscaping:  If you have a fire ring or ponds or any other type of hardscaping, ensure that it’s all cleaned up and in working order!

Fences:  If you have wooden fences they may be in need of a fresh coat of paint or stain and varnish.  Metal fences can be touched with the metal paint.  Make sure there aren’t weeds climbing up the fence.  Also make sure that all gates are in working order.

Driveway:  If your driveway is gravel you might need to have a fresh load hauled in to fill in holes and level it out.  If it’s asphalt you might consider having a company come in and put down a fresh seal coat to make it look clean and new.  Concrete can be power washed and any bad stains can be cleaned with a concrete cleaner from your local home improvement store.

Mailbox:  I know it seems silly but even having a nice mailbox with the house numbers helps! It can make it that much easier to find your house!

Now on to the actual house:

Siding: If your siding is looking a bit drab consider getting it resided or repainted.   But sometimes this isn’t needed or isn’t an option.  Power washing can work wonders in helping a house look clean and fresh!  Just make sure you don’t have too strong of a setting or you might crack the siding!

Shutters:  Sometimes the easiest way to add a fun fresh look is painting the shutters.  You can use a spray paint made for plastic and you’d be amazed at how those shutters can be brought back to life!  Stick to classic colors, nothing crazy.  Black is always a good idea with many colors of siding.

Windows:  The simplest task is cleaning them!  Replace any missing or town screens and you should be good to go!

Roof: It’s not always doable to have a new roof installed, but it is always a good idea to make sure it’s in good working order.  No leaks allowed!  Replace any broken or missing shingles.  If you roof is stained with algae or moss there are cleaners available to help remove them at your local home improvement stores!

Gutters:  Make sure your gutters are hanging correctly and fastened tightly.  Now would be a great time to clean them and make sure all down spouts are working properly and are not clogged.

Porches and Decks: If you have a deck or porch, re-stain or paint as needed and fix any rotten or missing boards. Keep it fresh and uncluttered. This isn’t the place to store stuff if you’re trying to sell!  Keep things to a bare minimum, what you might think are cute decorations might be overwhelming and turn off to a potential buyer.  Clear any cobwebs and make sure all lighting is in working order. No colored light bulbs!

Outbuildings: If you have sheds or detached garages make sure they get attention too.  A coat of paint or power washing can work magic!

Front Door: If the wood is worn or the paint is fading or chipped or just plain out of date, repaint it!   A gallon of paint can make a big difference!.  A white house always looks great with black shutters and a red door.  If your door is wood, re-stain and finish for a fresh look.  Be sure to repaint the surrounding trim too, don’t leave it looking drab, white is usually the best choice for trim.  Wash the windows in the door and be sure the hardware looks good too.  If the storm door is worn or has torn screen or claw marks, replace it even if you just buy a simple screen door.

Extra Touches:

Rugs: A new welcome mat at the front door and a rug at the back door are always warm and inviting and also give potential buyers a place to wipe their feet and keep your floors clean!

Seating:  If you have a large front porch or back deck, a bench or a set of table and chairs can create an atmosphere that is welcoming and says “this home is relaxing!”.

House Numbers: Make sure you have house numbers visible on the house so that potential home buyers know they are at the right place.

Wreath: You can add a nice wreath or door decoration that fits the season, make sure it’s the right size for your door, and compliments the color of your front door.

Flag:  Especially during the summer a flag can add a pop of color!

Now it’s time for the photography:

Whether you are taking your own, your realtor is taking them, or if your realtor has hired a professional these tips still apply!

Garage Doors:  Make sure they are closed

Cars: No cars in the driveway please….cars are a big distraction!

Curtains:  I know it may seem silly but how your curtains are hanging makes a difference in photographs.  Make sure they match or are not distracting.

Weather:  The best days are blue sky days!  This isn’t always doable but if that’s an option hold off as long as possible for a bright day.  Good news though, there are so many great editing programs that even on a dark dreary day photos can be brightened up enough to make them just as inviting and attractive.

It may seem overwhelming at first but it’s worth it if you want to sell your home fast and for top dollar!  Start with the things that aren’t too hard and work you way through the whole process.  You’ll be amazed at the transformation!  

Of course you could just call us and sell your house for CASH and QUICK close and not do anything!   Remember once you get the curb appeal and have their attention, you still have the entire inside to do! If you don’t want to mess with fixing your house and just want to sell it quick you can call us and we can get you an offer fast! 740-478-4046