Forget The Blues, Go Yellow!

As I sit here looking out my window into a dark dreary day, snow everywhere, ice on the driveway and  bitter cold, it is hard to smile. Winter is always a difficult time for us Ohioans with its gloomy look.  But under that snow and only a month away is Spring! Still how do I keep upbeat until then? The simplest way is to add bright yellow daffodils with the bulbs in a planter and put them on your kitchen counter so that every time you walk into the room, your reminded that Spring is just around the corner! 

If you have a house for sale, this is a great way to make the potential buyers smile and brighten up the space, whether it is a modern up to date kitchen or one in need of a pick me up, those daffodils will make them see the beauty and possibilities!   Just clear the counter off and put that planter right in the center, even you won’t be able to walk away without smiling. It is the little touches like this that make a big difference.

You say why not roses or carnations or some other plant?  Simply because of the bright cheery faces on those daffodils and the fact that they will easily last a week or more if kept in a bright sunny but cool location. Just water them sparingly.   An additional advantage is that you can let them fade out and look dead but put the planter outside until spring or in a dry place (garage). Then when weather permits, go out into the yard and dig a hole about twice the depth of the largest bulb and drop them all in. Be sure to put the pointy side up.  To your surprise they will emerge again in Spring or begin spreading underground and next year, they pop up with those lovely smiles on their faces at the most unexpected time. They don’t care if its cold, snowy or gloomy, they just keep smiling.

A tip is to buy the almost dead ones (be sure they have bulbs) at Kroger or Walmart or wherever they are sold.  After they bloom they are often discounted.  Take them home and plant as I said above and you will be rewarded for years to come. I once bought $1.00 worth of little Tetra Daffodils (those little guys) from Kroger when they were all done and about to be tossed.   I planted them in the ground and today I have hundreds, all from that one little toss away planter! It really is that easy! So turn your gloomy day into a happy day…just having them in the shopping cart when you are walking through the store changes things, try it and see!  Forget the blues, go yellow!