Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about our Purchasing Program

Where do we buy?

We mainly buy houses in these Central Ohio counties: Fairfield, Franklin, Hocking, Pickaway and Ross.  We buy homes both in the city and in the country. We are not a referral network; however, if the property you are trying to sell is outside our area, we still may be able to help so just give us a call.

Do I have to do any repairs?

No.  We do not want you to do any repairs;  in fact, you don’t even have to clean your house when we schedule our confidential viewing! We don’t want you to do anything but sell it to us “as is”.  We’ll do the repairs!

What about Manufactured homes?

Yes – we buy manufactured homes.  These are often homes sitting on country property.   They need to have enough land to meet the Health Department’s stringent codes on well and septic systems.  Knowing the “ins & outs” to bring these structures into finance-able property has been a major part of our business.  They require much more documentation and specific inspections in order for us to resell and get them financed.

How much do we pay for houses?

We will pay the highest dollar possible but we have to do our homework too. We will look at several factors to be sure we can make a profit. We use a huge database of previous sales from realtors, title companies, and county auditors.  We factor in several variables to determine what we think your house will sell for once it is fixed up.  We also consider what it would cost to bring up to our standards plus various carrying, sales costs, and of course a little profit ( so we can stay in business too!).   We consider what you say the house is worth and then see if there is a way we can agree on a workable price.  We try to be fair and reasonable.

How long does the buying process take?

We are fast!  If we make you an offer, we will try to close in 3 days.  Of course, there are often circumstances which might delay the process, but we try and close the deal ASAP!  Remember we PAY CASH!

Do you have any rentals?

We do not offer rentals at this time.  All of our homes are bought with the intent to be resold once they have been rehabilitated.

Give us a call and see how we can help you today! 

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