The Gaines family is taking over the way the generation X’ers decorate their homes!

Have you started seeing white EVERYWHERE? Maybe some old barn wood thrown in? Well this is the newest, hottest tread in home décor and it is known as Shabby Chic.

In the 70s we had oranges and browns, in the 80s we had large florals, 90s gold fixtures and so on! But now we have a whole new look to play with. This new look includes lots of primitives, rough medium colored woods and white. But not just any white, destressed white. The more destressed the better.

A great thing about a ‘destressed’ look is that if your kids damage it, no big deal! Who could tell!

Don’t know where to start to achieve this look? No problem. Take a trip to your local thrift store and find yourself a piece of furniture that catches your eye. No worry if it is already beat up. At long as you like the look it will do great.

Your next stop will be the local hardware store. Pick yourself up a can of chalk paint. Find the color that really fits your style the best. There are so many soft white colors to choose from!! Don’t forget your brush or tarp should you need one.

Once you get back to your home set up your tarp or drop cloth and place your piece on top of it. You will want to clean your piece before painting to make sure the surface is clean and will take paint. When it is dry you will want to lightly sand the whole piece you plan to paint.

Next, apply your paint according to the directions on your can. Each one is just slightly different so its great to always check. Once your piece is dry and your happy with the coverage you can lightly sand the corners and add little accent areas around your piece. You can take off as much as you like this is completely based on your desire.

Are you happy with your piece? Awesome! Move that baby in the house and get it set right in place. Match that with a mirror, wooden dough bough, a light pastel vase and you have now started into the shabby chic world that you might quickly become addicted too!